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May I Wear a Hat After Hair Transplant Surgery?

  • On January 19, 2018
Questions often asked by  patients who undergo a hair transplant procedure, “May I wear a hat after the hair transplant surgery?” and “When am I allowed to cover my head after the hair implantation surgery?” The answer to these questions may seem simple, but in fact it depends on many factors, such as the area […]

Something You Should Know About Breast Uplift

  • On January 18, 2018
Having beautiful and fuller breasts are the dream of almost every woman. However, factors such as aging, genes, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding and gravity may cause breasts to sag and as such, breast reshaping may be required. Breast uplift (mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping of breasts through lifting of nipples and removal […]

Something You Should Know Before Having Liposuction

  • On January 15, 2018
 If you consider having liposuction to have a more beautiful body, here is something you should know before the procedure. A good liposuction candidate Liposuction procedure is intended to remove stubborn and unwanted regional fat. A good liposuction candidate is a person who is optimistic, realistic and healthy, knows that liposuction is not a weight […]

Santa Claus and Hair Transplant

  • On December 25, 2017
In Western Culture Santa Claus is a legendary figure. On Christmas Eve, December 24th, and the early hours of Christmas day, he is said to bring gifts to the homes of those children who well behaved during the previous year. As we all know Santa as a cute man with a big belly, a red […]

The Essential Nutrition Guide After Hair Transplant Surgery

  • On November 30, 2017
So now that you have done your hair transplant procedure, you might be wondering what you need to do in order to get marvelous results. Well, aside from following the after-care instructions that are explained by your surgeons, you must make sure your hair gets the nutrition it needs. Believe it or not, diet plays […]

Is Hair Transplant Surgery only for the rich?

  • On November 20, 2017
There are few things we find so frustrating as losing our hair. But alas, statistics confront us with a cruel reality: by their mid-30ties, more than 65% of all men will start losing their hair. And even more demoralizing: before they reach their 50ties more than 80% will have a significant amount of thinning, showing the […]

The Hairline: Aesthetically An Important Part of a Hair Transplant Procedure

  • On November 10, 2017
Every month, thousands of people come to Turkey to do their hair transplant surgery. They come because of our care quality and of the low cost. However, most of them don’t have any real information about the surgery they are about to undergo and often also don’t know how it is performed. One of the […]

Will a Hair Transplant do, to cover all the balding and receding parts?

  • On November 9, 2017
If you have a hair transplant you expect it to take away your baldness completely, the large balding areas as well as the receding hairline. That makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, that’s what you came for in the first place. To regain the hair, you once had when you were younger. In fact, hair transplantation is a process, […]

Body Hair Transplant – an alternative worth looking at

  • On November 8, 2017
Body Hair Transplant: What to do when the donor area on your head doesn’t provide you with enough hair for hair transplantation? When you simply do not have a sufficient supply of hair at the back of your head to cover the balding parts? A solution might be Body Hair Transplant When looking at Body Hair Transplant we distinguish two […]