A BBL in Rio Istanbul

Date: 2 October 2015

The BBL – the Brazilian Butt Lift – has become a little bit of a hype this last year. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé have made larger butts and hips increasingly more popular and desirable. And did Kim Kardashian have one too? Heidi Montag did! The demand for a BBL has increased dramatically. For women, but occasionally also for men.

In fact the surgeons of MCAN Health have been performing the BBL since many years. But they see a change in demand too. For the coming year they expect a large increase for the Brazilian Butt Lift, but also for the Tummy Tuck and the upper arms.

Women just want to look their best. And how could it be done in a better way than by having your body reshaped with your own body fat? It is like taking your own fat from one area and putting it where you need it. To get rid of the loves handles and have that fat used to accentuate your feminine curves at a different part of your body.

And since women are getting more financially conscious or pressed for time, they show a growing trend to undergo more than one procedure at the time.

The summer is over, but if you are planning how to look best in bikini now is the time to go for it. And isn’t it always summer somewhere!

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Thank you very much, first of all. The treatment went quite OK. Doctor Bayer is very professional. I am happy with the results. It took ...