MCAN Health Is Supported by the Ministry of Health

Date: 17 February 2016

Turkey has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the last 10 years. As Turkey provides high-quality health services, easy transportation and affordable prices, it is preferred as a health center abroad. Every year nearly one million patients visit Turkey for medical treatments with the addition of plastic surgery figures.

The Ministry of Health in Turkey intends to raise the number of the medical tourists to 2 million by 2023. To reach more international patients, the Ministry of Economy in Turkey supports medical tourism. MCAN Health is proud to be one of the clinics that get Turkish government support.

As having the support from Turkish government means that MCAN Health is an approved clinic by the state, it is an honor for us to be supported and approved by the state. Not all the medical clinics could receive the Turkish government support. Therefore, MCAN Health is happy to see that the best service that we offer has been approved by the state.

MCAN Health always aims to give the best medical results to its patients by working only with the best surgeons that are experienced in their own fields and with the hospitals which are accredited by international accreditation institutions such as Joint Commission International (JCI).

MCAN Health always provides an excellent service to its patients and continues to follow up its patients’ recovery in order to ensure 100% patient satisfaction. Apart from Turkish government support, MCAN Health is also awarded with the Best Customer Service Award.

For now MCAN Health provides only hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery, dental and eye surgeries in Turkey. Thanks to the support of Ministry of Economy, MCAN Health intends to grow more by entering other medical treatment areas.

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