Breast Enlargement In Turkey

All You Need to Know about Boob Job

What is Boob Job?

Boob job, also known as breast enlargement / augmentation or breast implant, is used to enhance the size, change the shape and the form of the breasts of a woman. Breast implant is generally used for two purposes: cosmetic and reconstructive. There can be a number of reasons to undertake boob job which may include but are not limited to:
• Being unhappy and uncomfortable about the size, shape or symmetry of the breasts.
• The change of the form and firmness of the breasts due to weight loss, childbirth and breast feeding.
• Removal of one or both breasts (mastectomy) due to breast cancer.

Methods of Boob Job

The method for breast enlargement is decided by the cosmetic surgeon considering patient’s needs, weight, body shape and the structure of the breasts. It is very important to talk about the different types of breast implants available in detail with your surgeon before the operation to get the best result out of your breast implant.

There are 2 types of implants generally used for a breast enlargement surgery:
- Silicone gel breast implants are filled with silicone gel. They are filled before they are inserted into the breasts.
- Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water. The implants could be filled before they were inserted into your breasts or could be filled after they were inserted into your breasts.

How is Boob Job Performed?

Length of Breast Implant: Breast enlargementsurgery generally takes about 2 -3 hours.
Anaesthesia: Breast implant is performed under general anaesthesia.
Inpatient or Outpatient: Inpatient.
Incision: Incision areas are chosen by the patient and breast enlargement surgeon. To minimize the visibility of scars, ‘hidden’ areas areused to make incisions.
There are 3 commonly used incision options for breast enlargement surgery:
Periareoral incision: The incision is made around the nipples.
Inframammary incision: The incision is made in the fold underneath of each breast.
Transaxillary incision: The incision is made under the armpit.
The type of incision for breast implant is chosen by your surgeon considering the type of breast augmentation, degree of enlargement that you want, and your body type.
Fitting/ inserting the breast implant: A breast implant is inserted after the incisions were made. There are 2 ways commonly used to insert abreast implant:
Subglandular: breast implant is positioned between your breast tissue and your chest muscle
Submuscular: breast implant is positioned behind your chest muscle
After fitting the breast implant, incisions are sealed by stitches which will disappear over time.

Instructions for Pre-Operation

Your MCAN Health surgeon will be with you at every phase of the surgery. The pre-operation instructions will be given to you by your breast enlargement surgeon in detail before breast implant surgery such as:
• Having a health check-up before the operation to make sure that you are fit to have breast enlargement.
• Not to take aspirin, ibuprofen or any other anti-inflammatory medication.
• Quitting smoking two weeks before the surgery.
• Avoiding to consume alcohol one day before the surgery.
• Remove your make up, any other cosmetics and any metal jewels on your body.
• Not to consume any food or beverages some time before the operation starts, etc.

Instructions for Post-Operation

These are among the post-operation instructions that you will be informed about:
• Avoiding heavy physical exercises.
• Wearing a support bra for 2-3 days after boob job.
• Taking certain medication.
• Avoiding swimming pools.
• Avoiding the use of any creams or gels on the are treated.
• Keeping the sterile bandage on the wound for a day, etc.

Results of Boob Job

You can check our before after gallery for results of boob job here.

Advantages of a breast implant in Turkey by MCAN Health:

• Restored and increased self-esteem.
• Increased femininity.
• More options of fashionable clothing.
• Wearing tops and bikinis with a great confidence.

1) How long does breast implant surgery take?

The boob job usually takes around 2-3 hours.

2) Will I feel any pain?

The breast enlargement surgery is usually carried out under general anaesthesia which means that there is no possibility of having pain during the breast implant surgery.

3) Should I get days off from work?

Yes, you should. The length of your leave depends on your work. If your job does not require any heavy physical activity, then you can go back to work after few days of the breast enlargement surgery. If your job requires heavy physical activities, then you can go back to work after 2-4 weeks of the boob job.

4) Will I be able to breast feed after I have a breast implant?

Yes. You can breast feed after you have breast enlargement operation. The implants do not affect mother or baby.

5) Am I going to lose the sensitivity of my nipples after having boob job?

Nipple sensitivity usually returns to normal sometime after breast implant. In some cases, nipple sensitivity may increase or decrease after the boob job. It is extremely rare to lose the total sensitivity of nipples.

6) Are silicone breast implants safe?

Yes. The recent medical research shows that silicone implants are safe and does not alter normal/natural functioning of the body.

7) How much does it cost to have a breast augmentation in Turkey with MCAN Health?

MCAN Health offers the best boob job with the most affordable prices. The type of breast augmentation and the degree of enlargement desired to determine the cost of a boob job. So, feel free to contact MCAN Health for a free consultation.

8) Are the breast augmentation surgeons of MCAN Health experienced and qualified?

Yes. All MCAN Health breast implant surgeons are highly experienced and qualified with a strong educational and professional background. They are very well-known in boob job field.

9) Can MCAN Health’s breast implant surgeons speak English?

Yes. MCAN Health’s breast enlargement surgeons are proficient in English and can communicate fluently.

10) Which breast implant brand does MCAN Health use for boob job?

MCAN Health doctors use Mentor implants in breast enlargement procedures.

"I live in the UK. For years and years, I wanted to have a boob job but I could not due to high costs. I looked for breast enlargement surgery in other countries. I was worried about language barrier and quality. I contacted MCAN Health because it was the only medical tourism company in Turkey having a presence in Europe as well. This gave me a kind of courage I suppose. Right after I contacted MCAN Health, I started experiencing professional, amazing and friendly service. My breast enlargement surgery was a great success with no complications or problems. All MCAN Health staff was able to speak English fluently. I am now back in the UK, very satisfied with my boob job and MCAN Health’s quality. MCAN Health still calls me periodically as a follow up care. Thanks a lot MCAN Health for quality and service at European standards."

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"My boobs were really small. I was even bullied when I was in high-school because of my boobs. This affected my relationship with my boyfriends as well. I was feeling very low, feeling ashamed in my bikinis and envying women with bigger boobs. I was buying fashionable tops but I could never wear them. I could not cope with my discomfort anymore and I decided to have my breast implants. Because of lower costs, I chose Turkey. MCAN Health offers the highest quality boob job in Turkey. Now I love the size of my boobs. I feel very feminine and attractive. My experience with MCAN Health in 4 words: professional, customer-focused, top quality, affordable prices for boob job. My advice to all women: if you are not happy with the size of your boobs, have a breast augmentation ASAP. Please do not let this make you feel upset any longer and choose MCAN Health!"

"I was not sure about a breast enlargement operation due to its cost and my fear of surgeries. I could not afford to have breast enlargement in my country. That is how I found MCAN Health in Turkey. They responded all my questions in a timely manner not only by e-mail but also calls. MCAN Health has arranged my transfers, hotels everything before I arrived to Turkey. In Turkey, they treated me like a princess. My breast augmentation surgeon was amazing and helped me to regain my confidence. I could not be happier, thanks so much."

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