All You Need to Know about Dental Crowns

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is used to cover an existing natural tooth to strengthen the tooth or to improve the appearance of the tooth. A dental crown can be used for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Dental crowns are long lasting however; the durability of a dental crown also depends on how it is looked after.

How is a Dental Crown Procedure Performed?

Length of a Dental Crown Procedure: Tooth crown procedure has 2 phases. First appointment is for consultation and preparation and the second one is for fitting the tooth crown. Both appointments take 2-3 hours individually. Between these appointments, there will be 1 to 2 weeks.
Inpatient or Outpatient: A very safe outpatient procedure, no need to stay in the hospital.
Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia.
Preparation and Fitting:

  • At first appointment: Your MCAN Health dentist in Turkey will prepare your tooth for crown. Your tooth will be cleaned and drilled down to fit the crown. The impression then will be taken and sent to the laboratory to produce your permanent crown. Until your second appointment, you will be provided with a temporary tooth crown.
  • At second appointment: After your temporary dental crown is removed, your MCAN Health dentist in Turkey will place your new dental crown. Any adjustments or alterations can be made at this stage. Once you are satisfied with the fitting and feeling of your new tooth crown, it will be bonded to your teeth.

Instructions for Pre-Operation

Pre-operation instructions will be given to you prior to the dental crown treatment. You may be expected to take care of hygiene and cleanliness of your teeth prior to the surgery. You may also be expected to inform your dentist about your health history. You may need to avoid alcohol and certain medication before your dental crowns treatment.

Instructions for Post-Operation

Your MCAN Health dentist may prescribe you with certain medication. After you have your tooth crown, you need to give some extra care for hygiene of your teeth. You may be need to avoid consuming hot and cold on the day of the treatment. You also need to brush your teeth gently especially for the first few days after your dental crowns treatment.

Results of Dental Crowns

You can check our before after gallery for results of dental crowns here.

The benefits of Dental Crowns in Turkey with MCAN Health:

• Even and improved teeth appearance.
• An increased confidence and esteem.
• No more embarrassment or discomfort due to teeth.
• Ability to smile and laugh by showing teeth with no hesitation.
• Improved ability of chewing.

1) How long do dental crowns last?

Dental crowns that MCAN Health offers in Turkey are long lasting. If you also look after your oral hygiene, your dental crowns will last for a very long time.

2)Do I feel pain during dental crowns treatment?

No. Local anaesthesia is used for dental crowns treatment. You will not feel any pain. 

3) What is the cost of dental crowns in Turkey with MCAN Health?

Patient satisfaction is a key principle MCAN Health. And we know that money matters. Therefore, MCAN Health offers high quality dental crowns treatment in Turkey with affordable costs. Please contact us for free consultation.

4) How long does the dental crowns treatment take?

You will have two appointments. The first appointment which is for preparation usually takes 2-3 hours. The second one for fitting the teeth crowns takes the same amount of time as well.

5) Can I have tooth crown and teeth whitening at the same time?

Yes of course you can. Your teeth whitening can be done after your tooth crown is fitted.

6) Will my tooth crown look natural?

Yes, it will. MCAN Health dentists are very talented and experienced. Your tooth crown will look natural and will be in harmony with the overall appearance of your teeth.

"Thank you MCAN Health for making me smile again with such an affordable price. I really regret now that I have not done this years ago."

"I always had phobia of dentistry. But I had to have my crowns done because I also hated the appearance of my teeth. To comfort me, my MCAN Health dentist did not start the treatment and he spent more than 1 hour to explain me the whole procedure clearly. It was the first time in my life that I had such a patient-focused and caring treatment."

"The strength of MCAN Health is its reliability! From the first contact till the end of your whole treatment, you know that nothing can go wrong. And with MCAN Health nothing goes wrong. They are very professional and they know what they do. I had my dental crowns in Turkey with MCAN Health and now thinking of having a nose job as well."

"I was looking for dental crowns treatment abroad and decided on Turkey because I wanted to combine my treatment with a holiday. I was surprised, amazed and spoiled by the service of MCAN Health. I had my dental crowns and holidays at the same time with a low budget- killed two birds with a stone  Thanks MCAN Health!"

"I had dental crowns in the past with failure each time. They were not as durable as I was expecting. It was really annoying to have constant problems with your teeth although you paid a fortune. My friend encouraged me to contact MCAN Health and I am glad that I did. My dentist was super professional and used the best quality crowns for my treatment. My crowns are really strong and look natural. Finally I am happy with my dental crowns. Thank you MCAN Health."

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