Umut Yükselen is one of the most experienced trichologists in Turkey. He has performed hair transplantation not only in Turkey but in Germany and Saudi Arabia. He is working together with plastic surgeon Dr Tolga Yener. Umut has 11 years of experience in FUE Hair Transplantation and treated many patients from Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark, United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and UAE.

Before he joined to MCAN Health, he worked in Dora, Kadioglu, Ethica, Medical Park Hospitals.

He states that “my main concern in hair transplantation is to provide natural looking hairs for my patients”. This is one of the reasons why Umut is one of the most preferred trichologists in hair transplantation.

Location: Istanbul

Surgical Experience: 11 years

Field of expertise: Hair Transplant

Number of Surgical Procedure: 7,000

Languages: Turkish and English