All you Need to Know about Tummy Tuck

What is Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

Abdominoplasty, often referred to as tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is used to flatten the abdomen and tighten the muscles of abdomen by removing the unwanted fat and skin from the middle and lower abdomen. The aim of this operation is to re-form and re-shape sagging and loose abdomen. Therefore, tummy tuck operation is not used as a way of losing weight or a treatment of obesity.

Tummy tuck operation can be done in two degrees, either full or mini (modified) tummy tuck can be performed depending on the circumstances and needs of the patient.

Not only women but also men undergo tummy tuck operation to have an enhanced tummy shape. The results of the operation can be permanent unless there is a dramatic weight loss after the surgery.

How is Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) Performed?

Length of tummy tuck: It may take 1 to 5 hours depending on the extensity of the fat removed on abdomen. Mini tummy tuck usually takes 1 to 2 hours whereas full tummy tuck takes 2 to 5 hours.
Inpatient or Outpatient: Tummy tuck operation is a safe in-patient cosmetic surgery. Depending on the type of tummy tuck, patients stay in hospital 1 to 3 days.
Anaesthesia: it's is usually performed under general anaesthesia.
Types of Tummy Tuck: There are two types of tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). The type of tummy tuck to be used for your operation is determined by the amount of the fat on your abdomen.

  • Full tummy tuck- is used for patients with excessive fat on abdomen.
  • Mini tummy tuck- is used for patients with little but unwanted fat on abdomen.

Incision: For full tummy tuck, generally the incision is made from hip to hip (which could be hidden by underwear), across lower abdomen. The second incision can be made around the belly button to remove unwanted skin around it and to re-position the belly button. For mini tummy tuck, the incisions are minor compared to full tummy tuck.
Removal of the excess fat and skin: After incisions, excess fat and skin will be removed. Then stretched muscles will be gathered together and stitched. Finally, the remaining skin will be pulled down and your belly button will be re-positioned accordingly.

Instructions for Pre-Operation

Your MCAN Health surgeon will give you detailed information about pre-operation instructions including:

• Having a medical check-up.
• Not to take any medication that can thin your blood such as aspirin, ibuprofen or any other anti-inflammatory medication.
• No smoking two weeks before the surgery.
• No alcohol one week before the surgery.
• Not to consume any food or beverages some time before the operation starts, etc.

Instructions for Post-Operation

As a post-operation care, you need to:

• Take certain medication advised by your tummy tuck surgeon.
• Avoid excessive physical exercise.
• Consume liquid as much as you can to avoid swelling.
• Have a light diet for 3-4 days to avoid nausea and gas.
• Avoid anything which may result in increase of blood pressure.
• Avoid swimming for a while.
• Wear a corset for 6 weeks after the surgery, etc.

Results of Tummy Tuck

You can check our before after gallery for results of tummy tuck here.

After your Tummy Tuck in Turkey by MCAN Health:

• You will have an increased self-confidence and self-esteem.
• You will feel more attractive.
• You will feel fit.
• You will have more motive to keep a healthy diet.
• You will have more motive for physical exercise.
• You will feel satisfied about the size and proportion of your tummy.
• You will feel confident to wear your favourite bikini.
• You will have wider choice for clothing.
• You will not hide your tummy anymore.

1) Can I have liposuction and tummy tuck in Turkey at the same time?

Yes you can. If you are thinking of having both liposuction and tummy tuck in Turkey, it is advised to have both at the same time to avoid getting anaesthetics for two times.

2) Am I a good candidate for tummy tuck?

If you are in good healthy both physically and emotionally, you can have tummy tuck. For women, if there is a chance of pregnancy, we advice them to have tummy tuck after pregnancy because after pregnancy your skin may get saggy again.

3) What age should I be to have tummy tuck?

Age is not important, if you are over 18, then you can have it.

4) When will I see the results of tummy tuck?

You will start seeing the results as soon as your scars heal and swelling is gone.

5) I am a man, can I have tummy tuck in Turkey?

Tummy tuck in Turkey offers a solution to sagging and loose abdomen regardless of gender. Men as well as women can have tummy tuck in Turkey.

6) I am pregnant, can I still have tummy tuck in Turkey?

No you cannot. Tummy tuck in Turkey cannot be performed even if there is a small chance of pregnancy. You may consider having abdominoplasty after child birth.

7) Am I going to have visible scars after tummy tuck surgery?

Thanks to advanced technology that MCAN Health tummy tuck surgeons use, incision lines, generally through bikini line, will be easy to hide after the operation. Also the scars fade away some time after abdominoplasty.

8) I am not sure if I need to have full or mini tummy tuck, how can I decide?

You do not need to make a decision about it. Your tummy tuck surgeon at MCAN Health will advise you the most suitable type by considering the amount of excess fat on your abdomen.

9) I also have some scar marks due to child birth; can I get rid of these scars via tummy tuck surgery?

Yes. Tummy tuck in Turkey will be helpful to remove unwanted scar marks.

10) For how long do I need to wear a corset?

These instructions about post-surgery care will be given to you by your tummy tuck surgeon. Usually, the corset is advised to be worn for 6 weeks after the abdominoplasty.

11) How long do the result last?

Results of tummy tuck could be life-long unless you gain weight and keep your body fit.

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